You have ideas and expertise. Let’s get you known for them.

I help coaches, consultants, thought-leaders, and a huge range of business owners like you build your influence and become a known expert in your field.

How? By developing strategies that engage your audience, create meaningful relationships, and turn even the most casual readers and site visitors into customers and raving fans.

You care deeply about what you do. So let’s bring your message to the world in a way your perfect people will truly care about too.

You’re great at what you do…

…and you don’t just want to get noticed, you want to be top of mind. A name that people trust and respect. A go-to expert that the media turn to for interviews and opportunities. A brand that changes lives with your offering.

But how do you build your platform and get recognized as an authority in your field?

I can help.

Blogging and articles. Social media posts. Videos. Webinars. Books. Ebooks. If you’ve been told that doing all of this is the best way to build your platform, you may have already figured out that it’s time-consuming and doesn’t pay off…

…unless you have a strategy.

I bring 17+ years of experience.

With a systematic approach and a commitment to testing, I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, small business, authors, subject matter experts, professional athletes, and solopreneurs.

I’ve increased my clients’ email lists from small to six figures. Added commas and zeros to their monthly numbers. Helped clients grow websites from modest to millions of page views every month.

My work has been widely featured in media outlets such as Forbes, Woman’s Day, Martha Stewart Radio,, Verywell, New York, Thrive Global, and ABC News.

Together, through the strategic development of content and relationship building, we can develop strategies that not only boost your bottom line, but inspire more people to invest in your mission.

Think we could be a fit? Let’s chat!